Lighting the Way: Janika’s Fundraiser Reaches R400,000 Goal

🎉 Thank You for Supporting Janika’s Medical Journey! 🌟

👋 Hello everyone! We are immensely grateful for your participation in our recent competition aimed at supporting Janika’s medical expenses. Thanks to your generous contributions, we have successfully raised R400,000 to aid Janika in her battle against her brain tumor.

👧 Janika, a brave 9-year-old girl, is currently fighting against time to secure the necessary medication before her life-saving brain surgery. While the surgery has been approved by the Medical Fund, the cost of medication vital for shrinking the tumor and ensuring a successful operation remained uncovered.

❤ Your support has been instrumental in providing Janika with the means to access this crucial medication. We firmly believe in the strength of community and collective action, and your involvement in our PS5 giveaway has made a significant impact on Janika’s well-being and future prospects.

🤗 We are deeply moved by the overwhelming response to the giveaway. Your purchase of tickets directly contributed to Janika’s medical journey. Your compassion and generosity have truly made a difference.

🙏 Once again, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who participated in this giveaway. Your involvement not only provided hope and healing to Janika but also demonstrated the power of unity and compassion.

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