August 2021 | Subscribed Member’s Birthdays | Exclusive Access

Happy Happy Birthday to all of our August Members! We are soo blessed to have you on-board and we hope that you all have a blessed year ahead!

Nico Mooi 1 August

Leone Libenberg 1 August

Riaan Pieters 2 August

Glenys Henn 2 August

Kerneels Smit 3 August

Anzelle V D Westhuizen 4 August

Jean Henry 4 August

Driaan Deetlefs 4 August

Louise Radyn 6 August

Juan Marais 6 August

Milly Du Plessis 7 August

Nicole Trevor 12 August

Handre De Scande 13 August

Justin Ainslee 15 August

Nicolett Goede 16 August

Bill Murphy 16 August

Roxanne Rorich 17 August

Ruan Coetzee 17 August

Helena Reniers 17 August

Cindy Vermeulen 18 August

Loutjie Geldenhys 19 August

Ilidio Pereira 19 August

Dillon Trauseld 20 August

Sharene Kruger 21 August

Nicola Senekal 21 August

Ange Smith 22 August

Jolandi Marais 23 August

Annelie Gilbert 23 August

Christiaan Kleynhans 23 August

Liza Louw 25 August

Elzette Koch 26 August

Lourens Breedt 26 August

Scott Shoeman 26 August

Tina 27 August

Christiaan Greyvenstein 27 August

Lindy Du Preez 27 August

Neil Andersom 28 August

Lauren Ludik 29 August

Marnus Putter 30 August

Armandt Buys 31 August

Erica Harcombe 31 August

Maryke Engelbrecht 31 August

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